Royalty Burns Club

No. 9 on Federation Roll


Royalty  Burns  Club

No. 9 Burns Federation
The Glasgow Royalty Burns Club was formed by a number of Glasgow Publicans forgetherin in a pub in Hope Street in 1882.  In 1886 they became No.9 in the Roll of the Burns Federation which was instituted in 1885.
Meetings were held on the last Thursday of the month from October to March and by 1893 were being held in the Alexandra Hotel, Bath Street with 60 members.  They now meet in Òran Mór, Great Western Road/Byres Road, Glasgow, which has become the home of the Royalty Burns Club.
The Royalty is a charity whose aims are primarily to promote the works of Robert Burns.  The annual fund raising events such as the Burns Supper in January and the Cronies Night (which replaced the Smoker Evening) held in May or June.  Over the years the Club has been supported by Publicans, Brewers, Distillers, Wholesalers, Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs and other associated businesses.
The Club raises funds at their two functions which they then disburse to Burns Charities and in particular over the last 10 years have used most of their funds to purchase a book called "Burns for Bairns" where the Club then supplies 32 of the books free to primary schools so that they can be built into the childrens’ curriculum.  To date we have supplied over 400 schools and the Clubs Mission is to supply a set of books to every primary school in Scotland so that our children know about our heritage through the works of the Bard, Robert Burns.
The Club is run by the President (who holds office for 2 years) the Vice President, the Treasurer, the Secretary and up to 16 Committee Members. The Clubs Annual General Meeting is at the end of March every year.

John Gilligan, President
Contact Miller Armstrong, Secretary – 07801268191